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Movie reviews for The Hangover

This is one of the most extravagant, hilarious and crazy movie you will see all year, that is sure to hit a nerve with many of the audience. It did so well in the box office, a sequel is already being penned. It stars Bradley Cooper(He’s just not that into you) as Phil Wenneck a […]

Movie reviews for Evil Bong 2

This is a surprisingly hilarious comedy aimed primarily at the college student/hippies type or indeed anyone who likes a smoke or sees the joke in it. It stars John Patrick Jordan(Prison Break: Proof of innocence) as the hilarious dead pan Larnell. We meet him as he has invited one of his college geek friends Allistair […]

Movie reviews for Push

This is a strangely enjoyable sci-fi movie. I half expected it to be similar to Jumper, and Wanted with james McAvoy and Angelina Jolie, and the plot does get a little convoluted. It stars the lovely Dakota Fanning(The secret lives of Bees, I believe that was her sister in Phoebe in Wonderland) as Cassie Holmes […]

Movie reviews for Twilight

You can see immediately why this movie was an international hit, it is a romantic story many teenagers will identify with even though it has some horror themes as the inevitable subject deals with vampires, but it is in effect a love story. It stars Kristen Stewart unrecognisable from The Cake Eaters, as Bella Swan […]

Movie reviews for X-Men Origins: Wolverine

This installment aims to give a little bit of background to the first X Men movie. It stars as usual Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine, Liev Schrieber(Scream, Defiance, looks very much like Balthazar Getty from Brothers and Sisters, for a short while in Series 3 of Brothers and Ssisters Balthazar Getty took a short break, I […]

Movie reviews for All the days before tomorrow

This is a lovely romantic movie interspaced with intriguing dream like scenarios. It tells the story of a young man Wes played by Joey Kern and his strange relationship/friendship with a vibrant and lovely girl Alison played by the superb Alexandra Holden(Friends, Friday Night Clubs) you literally can’t help but fall in love with her […]

Movie reviews for Fired up

This is a hilarious teen comedy that was surprisingly good amidst the very unrealistic plot, it centers around a couple of lotharios on the football team, are a little bored at having to go for yet another summer training football camp with their foul mouthed coach, and prankish team mates. When they hear of a […]

Movie reviews for Heroes season 3

Another great series which originated in 2006 and promoted as “This year’s Lost“, although the Writer’s Strike did hold it off for a while with only 11 episodes aired till the end of December of 2007, which led to some confusion as to what happened to a few characters, it is still mesmerising to watch, […]

Movie reviews for Revolutionary Road

This is a drama based on the book by Richard Yates, it tells the story of a young couple Frank and April Wheeler played by Leonardo DiCaprio and kate Winslet in the early part of the 20th century, both reunited for the first time onscreen since the blockbuster that was Titanic. We initially meet the […]

Movie reviews for He’s Just not that into you

This is a romantic comedy of interconnecting lives starring Ginnifer Goodwin (Margee from Big love), Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Justin Long (from Die Hard 4.0), Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Connelly and Bradley Cooper. Goodwin plays Gigi Haim, who has just come from a date, where she is misreading every sign, that this could be “the one“, […]