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Movie reviews for Fired up

This is a hilarious teen comedy that was surprisingly good amidst the very
unrealistic plot, it centers around a couple of lotharios on the
football team, are a little bored at having to go for yet another summer
training football camp with their foul mouthed coach, and prankish team mates.

When they hear of a cheerleading
camp with 300 girls and hardly any competition for their, they realise they
could be at a cheerleaders’ camp with all the young women to party with instead
of the rigmarole of football camp.

They concur up a story that they love cheerleading, and somehow convince the
captain of the cheerleading squad(against her better judgement) to Let
them join, and one of the hilarious dead pan actress says “we don’t have any
muscle” in reference to how much they could be of use.

What follows is a hilarious teen comedy, as the guys find out that they do enjoy
cheerleading, and their ulterior motives can be put side.

It stars Nicholas D’Agosto(“Flying boy” in Heroes) as Shawn Colfax, and the very
talented Eric Christian Olsen(Brothers and Sisters, Dumb and Dumberer: When
Harry Met Lloyd, Tru Calling) as Nick Brady, I was pleasantly surprised at his
comedy timing, which was spot on, didn’t get the impression his comedy timing
could be this good, from watching Brothers and Sisters, but then again he plays
a more serious character.

Somehow they convince Shawn Colfax’s sister Poppy played by the brilliant
Juliette Goglia(the brilliant child tutor in CSI Las Vegas)in exchange for
taking his room, to get them on the cheerleading squad.

Sarah Roemer(Disturbia) plays Carly the love interest of Shawn Colfax, while
Molly Sims(Las Vegas) plays Diora the love interest of Nick Brady however she is
already spoken for, as she is married to the hilarious and eccentric John
Michael Higgins(Evan Almighty, Ally McBeal, Bicentennial man) as Coach Keith,
the motivator the for cheerleading camp.

The movie will tickle the funnybone in all of us, and has hilarious comedy
moments, especially by Sylvia(Margo Harshman, Even Stevens), the scene where she
jumps into bed with another girl is hilarious.

2 guys and 300 women

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