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Movie reviews for All the days before tomorrow

This is a lovely romantic movie interspaced with intriguing dream like scenarios.
It tells the story of a young man Wes played by Joey Kern and his strange relationship/friendship with a vibrant and lovely girl Alison played by the superb Alexandra Holden(Friends, Friday Night Clubs) you literally can’t help but fall in love with her zest for life, she literally steals your heart in every scene and no doubt that of Wes,
who although he wants more from the relationship, she just wants to be friends.

We join the movie with Alison with her boyfriend in Tokyo, there is a look of possible sadness/regret as she lays in his arms. One thing is clear, you don’t see that look when she is with Wes.

Alison phones Wes and tells him she wants to pay him a visit even though it is 2 a.m. At first you don’t understand why Wes is reluctant or hesistant for her to come over and pay him a visit. It is all explained in the flash back sequences, which strangely begin with “Not today,” and their previous back packing trips across New Zealand and Australia.

Their conversations are always intriguing, and funny, even mundane things such as watermelons have a comic edge, many in the first steps of a new relationship are sure to identify. You can literally sense the spark between them, and you kind of wonder as the lead actress Alison wonders if she is truly satisfied simply being just friends.

At one of the rare serious moments in the film, she mentions she would like to have children, to which Wes mentions “With me”? She laughs it off and says she doesn’t want to spoil what they have, she is sorry she can’t offer anything more.

I must admit towards the end do some of the flashback sequences come full circle, and it is a rare romantic movie many will identify with and cherish.

Wes(Joey Kern) and Alison(Alexandra Holden) in a superb view on one of their sight seeing

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