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Movie reviews for W

This is Oliver Stone’s(Director of Platoon) biographic on the life of the 43rd President George W. Bush Jr. chronicling his days from Yale through to his presidency, and the Iraq and Afghan wars. The lead role is played superbly by Josh Brolin(No country for old men), having the Texas accent, and Bush’s mannerisms down to […]

Movie reviews for The Great Buck Howard

The title lead character is played by the superb John Malkovich as the mentalist Buck Howard, you learn early on he hates the name magician, as he believes it dilutes what he does. It stars Colin Hanks(The House Bunny) as Troy Gable a law undergraduate who is uninterested in his current vocation, and is looking […]

Movie reviews for The Soloist

This is a well acted melancholy, and gripping biographical tale of the relationship between an investigational journalist and a down and out tramp. It stars oscar winner Jamie Foxx(Dreamgirls) as Nathaniel Ayers a former student at the prestigious Juilliard school of the arts, but now out on his luck living on the streets which he […]