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Movie Review for Step Up 2 The Streets

This is a modern day re-telling of the age-old tale of the youth rebelling against established authority, in this case a street dancer getting into a prestigious school, Maryland School of the Arts (MSA) that doesn’t recognise or appreciate her street dancing techniques, and at the same time competing in the much respected street dance […]

Movie reviews for The forbidden Kingdom

This is a magical fantasy movie starring Hong Kong Kung fu Legends Jackie Chan, and Jet Li in their first collaboration, Jackie Chan(Police story, Drunken Master, The Myth) plays Old Hop in the real world and Lu Yan in the fantasy Forbidden Kingdom, while Jet Li(Romeo must die, Hero) plays The Monkey King, and also […]

Movie reviews for Confessions of a Shopaholic

This is a nice family oriented romantic comedy starring the lovely red head Isla Fisher(Wedding Crashers, Fiance of the notorious Baron Sasha Cohen more widely known as Ali G. and Borat ). Isla Fisher plays Rebecca Bloomwood of the title, whose childhood desires has given want to spending more than she really should in adulthood […]

Movie reviews for Bedtime stories

This is a great family movie, with some hilarious moments all the family will enjoy. It stars Adam Sadler(Don’t mess with the Zohan) as Skeeter Bronson a hotel handyman whose father previously ran the hotel but has been swallowed up by a conglomerate headed by Richard Nottingham played by Barry Griffiths(Venus, Harry Potter and the […]

Movie reviews for Bart got a room

This is a lovely teen comedy the family will enjoy, it tells the story of a typical teenager Danny Stein played by Steven Kaplan(a young Patrick Dempsey lookalike) preparing for his big prom night, except he hasn’t found a girl to go to the prom with, there is the obvious girl he really should go […]

Movie reviews for What happens in Vegas

This is an absolute riotous comedy helped along by the brilliant performances of the cast. It stars Ashton Kutcher(Punk’d, Bobby) as Jack Fuller and Cameron Diaz(Charlie’s Angels) as Joy McNally, two mis-matched individuals heading off to Las Vegas to forget their troublesome home life, Joy fresh from a break-up from her ex-fiance and Jack just […]

Movie reviews for Yes Man

This is another funny Jim Carrey movie(can’t say I have ever seen one that wasn’t intrinsically hilarious in some way). The plot is of a tired sales man Carl Allen(Jim Carrey), who happens to wander into a feel good seminar where everybody says “Yes” and accepts whatever life throws at them, any questions, any requirements […]

Movie reviews for Fighting

This is an enjoyable movie and rightly billed as Rocky for a new generation. I must say the music, and cinematography people will instantly recognise the Rocky references, even without being told that this is being billed as Rocky for a new generation. It stars Channing Tatum(Step up to the streets) as a former college […]

Movie reviews for The human contract

It stars Jason Clarke(Farscape) as Julian Wright as a strategist for a firm, that is about to merge for a 5 billion dollar franchise, where incidentally Julian is about to head the company, from the retiring boss E.J. Winters, played by a grey-haired Ted Danson(Cheers), but there are twists in store for Julian and you […]

Movie reviews for The Great Buck Howard

The title lead character is played by the superb John Malkovich as the mentalist Buck Howard, you learn early on he hates the name magician, as he believes it dilutes what he does. It stars Colin Hanks(The House Bunny) as Troy Gable a law undergraduate who is uninterested in his current vocation, and is looking […]