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Movie reviews 9

Movie Reviews this week looks at the animated feature Nine. It tells the story of a post-apocalyptic world, where humanity has all been wiped out by the machines it created to help them, and the only remnants of humanity are stored in little gingerbread man toys, fabricated from clothing, buttons zips, and any material lying […]

Movie Reviews for Battle for Terra

Movie reviews this week looks at the animated feature film Battle for Terra. This is an enjoyable animation, adults as well as children will enjoy, and as usual, the animation quality is top notch, and knowing how the characters portraying the voices look in real life, you can tell a great deal of attention to […]

Movie reviews for The forbidden Kingdom

This is a magical fantasy movie starring Hong Kong Kung fu Legends Jackie Chan, and Jet Li in their first collaboration, Jackie Chan(Police story, Drunken Master, The Myth) plays Old Hop in the real world and Lu Yan in the fantasy Forbidden Kingdom, while Jet Li(Romeo must die, Hero) plays The Monkey King, and also […]

Movie reviews for W

This is Oliver Stone’s(Director of Platoon) biographic on the life of the 43rd President George W. Bush Jr. chronicling his days from Yale through to his presidency, and the Iraq and Afghan wars. The lead role is played superbly by Josh Brolin(No country for old men), having the Texas accent, and Bush’s mannerisms down to […]

Movie reviews for The Matrix Revolutions

The final part of the Matrix trilogy was welcomed as a renovation and worthy conclusion of the ethos of the original Matrix, and did give the trilogy a fitting end the fans were happy about. It again stars Keanu Reeves(Point Break, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure) as Neo, Laurence Fishburne(Apocalypse Now) as Morpheus, Carrie Ann […]

Movie reviews for The Matrix Reloaded

This is the sequel to The Matrix, again starring Keanue Reeves(Point Break, Bill and Ted’s Excellent adventure) as Neo, Laurence Fishburne(Apocalypse Now) as Morpheus, and Carrie Ann Moss(Memento) as Trinity. It was reported Laurence Fishburne, signed up to the sequels without reading the scripts. The directors Andy and Larry Wachowski better known as the Wachowski […]

Movie reviews for The Matrix

This is a classic science fiction tale that was ground breaking for it’s story line and special effects. It stars Keanu Reeves(Point Break, Bill and Ted Excellent Adventure) as Neo/Mr Anderson(apparently Will Smith(Independence Day, I. Robot) was asked by the Wachowski brothers to play Neo, but he declined the role saying he wasn’t mature enough […]

Movie reviews for The green mile

This is the second movie of the Oscar winner director of the Shawshank Redemption, Frank Darabont. Again this is based around a prison. It stars Tom Hanks as a prison guard Paul Edgecomb, and Michael Clarke Duncan as John Coffey a mysterious gentle giant of a fellow from the deep south at the turn of […]

Movie reviews for The Shawshank Redemption

This classic movie won an Oscar for the first time director Frank Darabont and you can see why. It is based on a short story “Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption” by Stephen King, and focuses on the life of a young banker Andy Dufresne played by Tim Robbins(The Player), after being found guilty of […]

Movie reviews for Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian

The models at the museum come back to life in this sequel, starring the main characters in the prequel, Ben Stiller(Tropic Thunder) plays Larry Daley again with Jake Cherry playing his son Nick, the fantastic Robin Williams(Good Will Hunting, can adequately handle comedy as well as serious roles) plays Theodore Roosevelt, Owen Wilson(The Wedding Crashers) […]