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Movie reviews for The Hangover

This is one of the most extravagant, hilarious and crazy movie you will see all year, that is sure to hit a nerve with many of the audience. It did so well in the box office, a sequel is already being penned.

It stars Bradley Cooper(He’s just not that into you) as Phil Wenneck a school teacher, along with Alan Garner(played by Zack Galifianakis, the same deadpan hilarious humor he brought in What happens in Vegas, “Wanna party?” is evident here), who along with Stu Price(played by Ed Helms, Night of the musuem battle of the Smithsonians) a somewhat cowardly individual being controlled by his aggressive fiancee, all plan a stag night for the hapless Doug Billings(played by Justin Bartha, National Treasure).

We join the cast as the make their get away from their normal lives to have a stag night to remember in Las Vegas, soon after we find them all (except the groom) in their hotel room, completely out of it, unable to recollect a single thing, and wondering why a tiger(yes a tiger) is in their bathroom, a naked man is locked in the boot of their car, and there is a baby in their hotel room.

This is one crazy comedy that leaves you trying to figure out what on earth happened the night before just as much as they do, they are cameo appearances from Mike Tyson(yes the Mike Tyson playing himself) as well as the lovable Heather Graham playing Jade, who has quite a night never to forget with the shy Stu Price, put in a difficult situation having to confront his controlling fiancee.

They are some hilarious segments that will have you rolling on the floor laughing, especially the ones including Mr Chow(played by Ken Jeong, Pineapple express).

Bradley Cooper(middle), Alan Garner left and Stu Price are trying to figure out what happened the night before

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