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Movie reviews for Heroes season 3

Another great series which originated in 2006 and promoted as “This year’s
Lost“, although the Writer’s Strike did hold it off for a while with only 11
episodes aired till the end of December of 2007, which led to some confusion as
to what happened to a few characters, it is still mesmerising to watch, not
quite as good as the first season, but in my opinion marginally better than the

We join our protagonists Claire “Bear” Bennet played by the lovely Hayden
Panetierre(Malcolm in the middle) those lovely clear hazel eyes, and baby soft
cheeks can do no wrong, her foster father Noah Bennet aka “man with the horn
rimmed glasses” played by Jack Coleman(Spawn) who is trying to play it straight
this time with his wife Sandra Bennet played by Ashley Crow(American Dreamz),
Hiro Nakamura(Masi Oka, a local Japanese would be able to tell that he speaks
japanese with a slight accent) with his hilarious sidekick Ando Masahashi(James
Kyson Lee) there is a hilarious segment where Ando has to make a face to keep a
baby quiet, priceless, Mohinder Suresh played by Sendhil Ramamurthy(was in an
episode of Grey’s anatomy, and studied drama in England as part of the Ryal
Shakepeare Society hence the english accent) senator Nathan Petrelli played by
Adrian Pasdar(Carlito’s way, Top Gun), and his difficult relationship with his
younger sibling Peter Petrelli played by Milo Ventimiglia(Rocky Balboa, many may
have seen his father John ventimiglia the chef in the Sopranos) watched over my
their mother Angela Petrelli played by Cristine Rose(almost didn’t recognise her
in He’s just not that into you), the clarificaiton on exactly her powers are
elaborated a little in this series, there is a surprise for mind reader Matt
Parkman played by Greg Grunberg(Mission Impossible 3, Hollow man) in more ways
than one, we also get to meet Micah Sanders again played by Noah Gray-Gabey
whose in for quite a surprise, the Haitian played by Jimmy Jean-Louis(must be
seen in Diary of a tired blackman, he is fluent in five languages, and you can
tell he was a model) meets his nemesis.

This series starts off with a formula that can give powers to anybody, half of the formula was
guarded by Hiro’s father which is now in the charge of Hiro, but you just know
some villain may get their hands on it and it will be up to our protagonists and
their associates to save the world.
There is the usual mix of heroes and villains, and it is always fascinating to
find out what new characters may popup and more imporantly just what their
ability(as Sylar likes to put it) is, and if Sylar(playing the young Spock in
the new Star Trek movie, and I must admit he has an uncanny resemblance to a
young Leonard Nimoy) will finally get his comeuppance, we get to see Elle Bishop
played by Kristin Bell(pretty hilarious in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, particular
in one scene where she attacks the spiritual values of her boyfriend played by
Russell Brand).

The superb cast of Heroes

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