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The Chi – Season 2 Review

The Chi – Season 2 Review
Movie Reviews this week continues with the hard hitting drama The Chi, focusing on the lives of some of the residents in Chicago in their struggle to survive.

We join it as Ronnie played magnificently by Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine (Bosch) is getting used to his new surroundings in jail, and already is beginning to take people under his wing, but receives some distress news, that causes him to seek any way of getting out of jail.

Our protagonist and constantly optimistic chef, Brandon played by Jason Mitchell (Kong: Skull Island) tries to rectify whatsoever issues may exist between him and his girlfriend Jerrika played by the gorgeous Tiffanny Boone (Hunters), all the while joining an uncomfortable partnership with local drug dealer Reg, played amazingly by Barton Fitzpatrick (Empire), and the boss of the 63rd St. Mob Otis \”Douda\” Perry, played menacingly by Curtiss Cook (Mayans M.C.), who might have to make an uncomfortable choice after pressure from his business partners. Matters are not helped with a new Detective Alice Toussaint, played by the gorgeous Crystal Dickinson (The Good Wife); has been assigned to Detective Armando Cruz, played by Armando Riesco (Queen of the South); who has an inkling that Brandon is now just aligned with the 63rd St. Mob but must be a high ranking member, after surveillance footage, shows several members of the 63rd St. Mob hanging around at his fast food van.

The three friends, Kevin played by Alex R. Hibbett (Moonlight), Stanley \”Papa\” Jackson played by Shamon Brown Jnr. and Jake played by Michael Epps, have a day out to another school, and chose this opportunity for a business deal that might have some unforeseen consequences.

Eternal playboy Emmett played convincingly by Jacob Latimore (The Maze Runner), has a compromise for his baby mamas, but has to deal with an incident at work that might mean he is out of a job, and strikes a deal with Brandon to promote a joint venture that Brandon is initially wary off, but with Emmett’s charm is hard ot resist.

The Chi has always been fascinating, in that it gives life to some of the characters we often don\;t hear about, and for whatever reason, may find their life choices, seriously altered from the norms predominant society expects.

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Brandon (Jason Mitchell) discusses with Jerrika (Tiffany Boone)

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