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Snowfall – Season 2 Review

Snowfall – Season 2 Review

Movie Reviews this week continues with the dramatic rise of crack cocaine through South Central Los Angeles.
It continues with story of Franklin Saint (played superbly by Damson Idris) as he continues to expand his crack cocaine enterprise, much to the dismay of his long suffering mother, Cissy Saint played marvellously by the stalwart Michael Hyatt (Nightcrawler). Now Franklin is no longer under the wings of his Uncle, Jerome Saint, played by Amin Joseh (Sons of Anarchy), and Aunt Louie played by the gorgeous Angela Lewis (The Good Wife), they are now under him in his operation, and he is acknowledged as the boss, much to the chagrin of one of his long time friends notably the emotional and highly strung Kevin Hamilton played by Michael M. Mays (Power Book III: Raising Kanaan), and Leon Simmons played enigmatically by Isaiah John.
Franklin’s love interest, Melody played by the gorgeous Reign Edwards (The Bold and the Beautiful), whose police officer father; Andre Wright, played by Marcus Henderson (Get Out), has to turn his back on Franklin who he helped raise, but since they are next door enighbours, he cannot help seeing Franklin, and Melody like a moth to flame cannot resist him either.
This time Franklin rather than deal with the volatile Avi Drexler, played enigmatically by Alon Aboutboul (Rambo III), who seems to have taken him under his wing, as a pseudo father figure; is now dealing directly with Reed Thompson, one of the aliases Teddy Macdonald uses (played efficiently by Carter Hudson); a CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), who has now enrolled a family member no else in his proxy war to aide U.S interests, albeit if anything were to go wrong, he has been told he is on his own, and not to contact the CIA unless it is absolutely necessary.
We join Season two as Lucia Villanueva played by Emily Rios (From Dusk till Dawn the series), and Gustavo ‘El Oso’ Zapata played menacingly by Sergio Peris-Mencheta (Rambo: Last Blood), have found themselves having to make up for their treachery in the previous season.
Despite the moral dilemmas the viewer faces watching the protagonist, it is fascinating to watch as Franklin metamorphosises from an innocent, wet behind the ears small time drug dealer trying to get in on the action, to running the entire crack cocaine enterprise in South Central Los Angeles, and some of his actions as necessary as he sees it, to demand respect from his workers.

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Franklin (Damson Idris) on the right), with Leon (Isaiah John) on the left and Kevin (Michael M. Mays) look on

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