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Movie reviews for Twilight

You can see immediately why this movie was an international hit, it is a romantic story many teenagers will identify with even though it has some horror themes as the inevitable subject deals with vampires, but it is in effect a love story.

It stars Kristen Stewart unrecognisable from The Cake Eaters, as Bella Swan anxious to get away from her erratic hovering mother and new boyfriend as they go on tour, while she moves to a new school as she stays with her father the local sheriff Charlie Swan played by Billy Burke(Untraceable, 24, Party of Five).

We immediately get the father daughter type of relationship Bella has with her father, as Bella voice-overs “The great thing about Charlie is he doesn’t hover” as he shows her her room. In her new school she is introduced to as the new plaything, since she is joining half way through term, and quickly makes friends with amongst others the lovely Jessica Stanley played by Anna Kendrick(her smile is enough to brighten up any room).

As Bella settles in her new surroundings she gets reacquainted with some friends she knew when she was younger and stayed with her father, one being the charming Billy Black played by Gil Birmingham(Body and Soul), there is a particular funny scene where Bella’s father buys an old vehicle from him for her, at first Bella looks at it as a worthless piece of junk, but then realises the potential it could have, and can’t wait to test drive it, while Billy Black mentions to Charlie “I’m down with the kids“.

A few days into her new school she sees the Cullens, and takes a particular fancy to Edward Cullen played wonderfully by Robert Pattison(Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix). There is a particular charming scene when they first meet in a class lab, many angst ridden teenager will identify with, having to get along even though they maybe a little bit embarrassed, that particular scene of their first encounter is beautiful shot, and is probably a major reason why many teenagers identify with it.

She finds out there are some rumours going on about the Cullens, and her curiosity gets the better of her, leading to some unexpected consequences.

It is a charming movie right down to the infectious opening soundtrack, and I can’t wait for the sequel.
Bella(Kristen Stewart) and her new man Edward Cullen(Robert Pattison)

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