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Movie reviews for The human contract

It stars Jason Clarke(Farscape) as Julian Wright as a strategist for a firm, that is about to merge for a 5 billion dollar franchise, where incidentally Julian is about to head the company, from the retiring boss E.J. Winters, played by a grey-haired Ted Danson(Cheers), but there are twists in store for Julian and you soon realise he has a lot of issues to deal with.

We join our protagonist as he is in a bar chatting with a stunning seductress played by Paz Vega who strangely enough is called Michael.

Soon afterwards he happens to bump into Michael again as she heads off to watch Frankenstein at a graveyard. The inevitable affair begins, and although Julian is about to initiate a divorce with his wife, you wonder what on earth happened as they still seem pretty close. Julian’s desire for Michael soon begins to get the better of him, from the alpha male fighting for her, to wanting her all for himself, in the midst of well founded worries from his work colleagues, while she turns contemporary views on relationships on it’s head, what she regards as some kind of “Human contract” she chooses not to live by.

We never know quite what is going to happen, but as Julian goes from one problem to another notably keeping his sister Rita(played by Jada-Pinkett Smith[The Matrix reloaded]) away from an abusive spouse, you get the feeling this 5 billion dollar merger is at risk of not happening anytime soon.

Something about Michael reminds me of Penelope Cruz, there is that Spanish exotic quality about her, and of course like Cruz she is utterly delectable, and any red blooded male would not resist her charms for long.

It is directed by Jada-Pinkett Smith wife of one of the executive producers, I am sure you have seen one if not several of his movies, whose movies are the highest grossing of all time, the one and only Will Smith, and I must say I find her style of directing captivating to watch.

Michael(Paz Vega) treats Julian(Jason Clarke) as a king

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