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Movie reviews for What happens in Vegas

This is an absolute riotous comedy helped along by the brilliant performances of the cast.

It stars Ashton Kutcher(Punk’d, Bobby) as Jack Fuller and Cameron Diaz(Charlie’s Angels) as Joy McNally, two mis-matched individuals heading off to Las Vegas to forget their troublesome home life, Joy fresh from a break-up from her ex-fiance and Jack just been sacked from his job by none other than his dad Jack Williams Sr. played Treat Williams(The Devil’s own)(there is a hilarious sequence where Jack challenges his father to a basketball match in order to keep his job, of course he lot pretty easily too).

Jack and his hilarious sidekick Hater played by the infectious Rob Corddry and Joy and her best friend Tipper played by the lovely Lake Bell find out that they have been mistakenly booked in the same suite. Determined to make the most of it, even though none of them get along at first, they decide to go out for a night to drown their sorrows, but somehow end up getting married in a drunken stupor.

The next day realising the mistake they are eager to call the whole thing off, until Jack’s spin at the wheel lands him a fortune, and as you know man and wife are legally obliged to share everything, much to their initial disappointment they are made to live as man and wife for several months by a judge, who doesn’t believe in quickie divorces, and beliefs the matrimonial vows should be kept to.

The longer they stay together under the same roof, the inevitable attraction begins, and it turns out to be a very warm romantic comedy.

The camaraderie and sparks between Tipper and Hater steal every scene, and the highlights are the end, is even more hilarious then the whole movie.

Joy McNally(Cameron Diaz) and Jack Fuller(Ashton Kutcher) take a photo in Vegas

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