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Movie Review for Step Up 2 The Streets

This is a modern day re-telling of the age-old tale of the youth rebelling against established authority, in this case a street dancer getting into a prestigious school, Maryland School of the Arts (MSA) that doesn’t recognise or appreciate her street dancing techniques, and at the same time competing in the much respected street dance tournament known as The Streets.

It stars the gorgeous Briana Evigan (a brilliant classically trained dancer) as Andie, a member of the notorious 410 dance crew, who is staying with her mother’s best friend Sarah played by Sonja Sohn (the pregnant doctor in Brothers and Sisters), but having some problems as inevitably teenagers go through, especially since her mother is no longer around.

She is given an ultimatum to either start working hard at school and avoid trouble, or move in with her aunt. Channing Tatum (Fighting, as well as in the prequel Step Up) does a cameo as Tyler Gage, he helps her get a dance audition at the prestigious MSA which is the only way her guardian would allow her to stay if she is at such a prestigious school.

It turns out the 410 crew have been winning the Street Dancing tournaments consecutively for a few years now, and Andie has missed a few practice sessions on account of her enrolment at the prestigious MSA, which she has kept a secret to the rest of the 410 crew, apart from her close friend Felica played by Telisha Shaw.

She faces being thrown out of the 410 crew if the leader Tuck played by Black Thomas finds out that she is putting anything over the 410 crew. She regards the 410 crew as the only family she has ever known, but she also would like to succeed at the prestigious MSA, one of the star pupils Chase Collins played by Robert Hoffman, the brother of the principal Blake Collins (played stoically by another classically trained actor Will Kemp), takes a liking to Andie, and although she resists at first romance is on the cards, that puts her at odds with the 410 crew.

She finds a whole new group of exceptional dancers at the school, but are they all good enough to compete at The Streets?

The dancing is what makes this movie special, everyone is a phenomenal dancer, and the audience can just sit back and enjoy the fantastic art form of street dancing, some of the scenes are already ingrained in popular culture such as the dancing in the rain and Chase placing his hand just over Andie’s chest, moving it up and down simulating a pulsating heartbeat. You can tell from the out takes at the end credits, that it was a great deal of fun making such a movie.

Chase Collins (Robert Hoffman) with a classic scene with Andie (Briana Evigan)

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