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Movie reviews for The human contract

It stars Jason Clarke(Farscape) as Julian Wright as a strategist for a firm, that is about to merge for a 5 billion dollar franchise, where incidentally Julian is about to head the company, from the retiring boss E.J. Winters, played by a grey-haired Ted Danson(Cheers), but there are twists in store for Julian and you […]

Movie reviews for The Great Buck Howard

The title lead character is played by the superb John Malkovich as the mentalist Buck Howard, you learn early on he hates the name magician, as he believes it dilutes what he does. It stars Colin Hanks(The House Bunny) as Troy Gable a law undergraduate who is uninterested in his current vocation, and is looking […]

Movie reviews for Push

This is a strangely enjoyable sci-fi movie. I half expected it to be similar to Jumper, and Wanted with james McAvoy and Angelina Jolie, and the plot does get a little convoluted. It stars the lovely Dakota Fanning(The secret lives of Bees, I believe that was her sister in Phoebe in Wonderland) as Cassie Holmes […]

Movie reviews for Twilight

You can see immediately why this movie was an international hit, it is a romantic story many teenagers will identify with even though it has some horror themes as the inevitable subject deals with vampires, but it is in effect a love story. It stars Kristen Stewart unrecognisable from The Cake Eaters, as Bella Swan […]

Movie reviews for Five fingers

This is a strange film regarding depicting abduction of Westerners and terrorism, it plays all the cards of the nightmare of Westerners being abducted for no apparent reason, taken to a dingy location, blindfolded of course and told to give them information which the foreigner pleads does not know what on earth they are talking […]

Movie reviews for X-Men Origins: Wolverine

This installment aims to give a little bit of background to the first X Men movie. It stars as usual Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine, Liev Schrieber(Scream, Defiance, looks very much like Balthazar Getty from Brothers and Sisters, for a short while in Series 3 of Brothers and Ssisters Balthazar Getty took a short break, I […]

Movie reviews for A thousand years of good prayers

This is a well acted story based on the book of a collection of stories of modern life in China compared to the United States. It tells the story of the relationship between a father and a daughter, the father Mr. Shi is played by Henry O(Romeo must die) while the daughter Yilan is played […]

Movie reviews for Yonkers Joe

This is a beautiful well acted, poignant and powerful drama that touches you on many levels. It stars the superb Chazz Palminteri(The Usual suspects) as Yonkers Joe who along with his gambling pals and girlfriend Janice played by the warm and lovely Christine Lahti(Chicago Hope) regularly swindles other people and establishments on cards or other […]

Movie reviews for Heroes season 3

Another great series which originated in 2006 and promoted as “This year’s Lost“, although the Writer’s Strike did hold it off for a while with only 11 episodes aired till the end of December of 2007, which led to some confusion as to what happened to a few characters, it is still mesmerising to watch, […]

Movie reviews for Brothers and Sisters Season 3

This is a fascinating series that is already much loved in it’s genre, and I simply can’t wait for the next season. It has already won the matriach Sally Fields(the endearing mother in Steven Spielberg’s Forrest Gump) a Golden Globe as best actress, and you can see immediately why, she strikes a core as all […]