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Movie reviews for Brothers and Sisters Season 3

This is a fascinating series that is already much loved in it’s genre, and I
simply can’t wait for the next season. It has already won the matriach Sally
Fields(the endearing mother in Steven Spielberg’s Forrest Gump) a Golden Globe
as best actress, and you can see immediately why, she strikes a core as all her
immediate and extended family do, and that maternal nature of hers simply comes
across the screen as genuine as any other of her lovable characteristics. She
plays the matriach Nora Walker, she holds the family together through all the
pain, and you know whatever happens, whatever her children do they can always
rely on her, her warm smile is always ready to confront whatever the world has
for her and her family, while relying on the rock of her brother Saul played by Ron Rifkin.

Along with Sally Fields it has an all star cast: Dave Annable, Calista Flockhart(Ally McBeal, something
about her lovely huge hazel eyes that just keeps you transfixed akin to
something hypnotized by a snake), Balthazar Getty, Rachel Griffiths, Sarah Jane
Morris, Ron Rifkin, Patrica Wettig, Matthew Rhys, Emily Vancamp and Rob Lowe.

What makes this series so good is the diversity in characters and their A class
acting. Normally having so many characters does not go down so well, but not
here, you simply can’t get enough of the Walker clan and their extended friends.

The series begins with the revelations of the previous season still hanging as a
dark cloud which you are certain will start sending showers anytime soon.
Calista Flockhart plays Kitty walker, although billed as the star attraction
watching any episode and you get the impression they are truly no stars, and everybody comes
with an equal weighting in terms of performance and air time. Kitty has to
battle with her relationship woes while at the same time trying to maintain her
relationship with her mother Nora, while her elder sister Sarah thinks
everything just happens to fall in her lap.

Balthazar Getty plays Thomas(“Tommy”) Walker as quiet and more like the Patriach
than any of his other sons.
Matthew Rhys plays Kevin Walker, the charming, smart and in a way a cornerstone
for the family, one scene in particular when Nora was contemplating leaving had
Sarah gently slap him saying “Don’t make me slap you…be a man“.
Dave Annable plays the youngest Justin Walker who is trying to find his own
ground as a self sufficent man, amidst the dotting from his mother Nora, and the
lovely Emily Vancamp who simply can do no wrong(you get the feeling all she has
to do is flash a smile and she can literally get away with anything).
I have to admit Sarah Whedon played by Rachel Griffiths is one of my favorite of
the Walker clan, the memories of her playing pool while protected by her
brothers in a bar surrounded by army personnel was one of the highlights of the
first season, that captured her zest for life, as Nora Walker puts it “You are
my Trifecta“.

Holly played superbly by Patrica Wettig(The president in Prison Break season
one), she has lovely soft clear blue eyes, and the chemistry between her and
Sally Fields, is always one to watch.

Rob Lowe plays Senator Robert McAllister, the love interest of Kitty Walker, he
is getting more involved in the shenanigans of the Walker clan he has come to

The superb cast of brothers and sisters

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