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Movie reviews for W

This is Oliver Stone’s(Director of Platoon) biographic on the life of the 43rd President George W. Bush Jr. chronicling his days from Yale through to his presidency, and the Iraq and Afghan wars.

The lead role is played superbly by Josh Brolin(No country for old men), having the Texas accent, and Bush’s mannerisms down to a fine art, playing the younger Bush during his time at Yale, and the Grey-haired Bush during his time right up to the conflict in Iraq.

Vice-President Dick Cheney is played superbly by an unrecognisable Richard Dreyfuss(Mr. Holland’s Opus) with a very uncanny resemblance, even the mannerisms of grinding his teeth, Condoleeza Rice is played by an unrecognisable Thandie Newton(The pursuit of Happyness, The Chronicles of Riddick), Colin Powell is played impressively by Jeffrey Wright(Shaft, Quantum of Solace), Donald Rumsfeld is played by the veteran Scott Glenn(The patriarch in Brothers and sisters), Paul Wolfowitz is played by Dennis Boutsikaris(The Last Don), Karl Rove is played by the diminutive and brilliant Toby Jones(Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) .

We chronicle various aspects of the former President’s life, from drilling jobs in Texas, running his own oil company, running a major league team, all seem overshadowed by the deep disappointment Bush Jr. regards in himself, as opposed to his younger brother, who he sees as his father’s favourite Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, as seen by his father George W. Bush Sr. played wonderfully by James Cromwell (L.A. Confidential). At times the elder Bush is long suffering towards his son, and other times, does not communicate with him directly, apparently only through notes, as he did when George W. Bush became Governor of Texas.

The conflicts amongst the key participants in the Oval office before the justification of the War in Iraq, notably the friction between Donald Rumsfeld, Vice-President Dick Chenney, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz and Commander of the Armed Forces Colin Powell, regarding the search for weapons of mass destruction, and following U.N. protocol is well acted. The arrogance of Bush and his dismissal of the U.N. in this regard is believable given press conferences at that time.

Overall this portrayal of George W. Bush Jr. aims to keep a balanced perspective, from his battle with alcohol, and trying to make his own way in the world, without everybody else thinking everything in his life has been handed to him on a silver platter, to his liaison with Laura Bush played by the lovely Elizabeth Banks(Meet Dave), to the much maligned war, where as he puts it, “I am just trying to make the world a better place”.

Some members of the cabinet from far right George W. Bush(Josh Brolin), Dick Cheney(Richard Dreyfuss), Paul Wolfowitz(Dennis Boutsikaris), Karl Rove(Tobey Jones), and Colin Powell(Jeffrey Wright)

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