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Movie reviews for The green mile

This is the second movie of the Oscar winner director of the Shawshank Redemption, Frank Darabont. Again this is based around a prison.

It stars Tom Hanks as a prison guard Paul Edgecomb, and Michael Clarke Duncan as John Coffey a mysterious gentle giant of a fellow from the deep south at the turn of the twentieth century.

Unfortunately for John Coffey there has been a murder of two little girls, and when John is found holding on to the two girls and crying, he is assumed the culprit, and he is tried, convicted and sentenced to death by electric chair in the infamous “Green mile” prison.

What some of the people in the town and notably those in the “Green Mile” prison quarters are about to find out, especially the prison guards is that he has the magic of healing, he proves this on a mouse, who has been stomped on by the jail antagonist “Wild Bill” Wharton whose hero is “Wild Bill” Hitchcock and would not tolerate having anyone say a negative word against him, played by Sam Rockwell(Charlie’s Angels). John breathes on the mouse until its tail begins to twitch again with life, but there is an after effect, whenever he heals someone or something, he has to release the bad energy out of himself somehow.

It turns out that the prison warden, Warden Moores played by james Cromwell(L.A. Confidential) has a sick wife Melinda played by Patricia Clarkson (I must say watching her recently in Phoebe in Wonderland she looks exactly the same as she did almost ten years ago), and when John’s healing ability is discovered, after helping Paul with an embarrassing problem, he proposes that John pays a visit to the Warden’s wife, albeit not telling the Warden at all, only the fellow prison guards who all agree to ship him out at night.

Paul believes in his innocence, and in turn so do the other prison guards, Brutus “Brutal” Howell played by the stalwart David Morse(The Negotiator, Twelve Monkeys), Dean Stanton played by Barry Pepper(Saving Private Ryan) who all see John Coffee’s behaviour for themselves and realise he cannot hurt a fly, but is there anything he can do to prevent John Coffee from “riding the light” i.e. the electric chair?

This is a lovely science fiction and fantasy movie, with some unforeseen twists, and viewers will not miss the symbolism of John Coffey whose name is an acronym of Jesus Christ.

John Coffey(Michael Duncan Clarke) is led by Paul(Tom Hanks) and Brutus(David Morse)

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