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Movie reviews for Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian

The models at the museum come back to life in this sequel, starring the main characters in the prequel, Ben Stiller(Tropic Thunder) plays Larry Daley again with Jake Cherry playing his son Nick, the fantastic Robin Williams(Good Will Hunting, can adequately handle comedy as well as serious roles) plays Theodore Roosevelt, Owen Wilson(The Wedding Crashers) as the cowboy Jedediah, Steve Coogan as the miniature Roman commander Octavius, Mizuo Peck as Sacajawea.

This time round, the museum is about to be closed, with more interactive virtual tours, and all the models and exhibit are to be shipped to the archives at the Smithsonian, separated from the life-giving tablet, Larry may never see them alive again, while our protagonist Larry is a CEO of his own company and has left the night guard business, by the time Larry tries to put a stop to it, it is already too late and the models and exhibits have already been shipped.

Not one to give up, Larry along with his son, launch an audacious bid to find the exhibits and put a stop to the developments in the museum.

There is a scene reminiscent of the cargo scene in Raider’s of the lost Ark, where the exhibits are being loaded in cargoes, and for a second you could almost hear the same theme music, that was played in Raider’s of the Lost Ark.

Matters are complicated when Kahmunrah(played by the very talented Hank Azariah [The Simpsons], with an impressive English accent) the brother of Ahkmenrah wants the tablet to unleash his army of the dead and rule over the world.

There is a hilarious scene where Owen Wilson’s Jedediah Smith character along with Steve Coogan’s Roman Centurion Octavius go around attacking the enemy, by stabbing them with their little knives, it is an amusing scene, as it is shot with a tongue in cheek attempt at the slow motion battle scene in 300, they are going through the same motions, but the effect since they are so tiny is amusing to the audience, as the enemy only feels little nicks on their feet, it is brilliantly shot.

Love interest for Larry is provided by the fabulous Amy Adams(Charlie Wilson’s war) who plays Amelia Earhart the first woman to fly across the Atlantic.
Larry Dale(Ben Stiller) with Amelia Earhart(Amy Adams)

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