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Movie reviews for All the days before tomorrow

This is a lovely romantic movie interspaced with intriguing dream like scenarios. It tells the story of a young man Wes played by Joey Kern and his strange relationship/friendship with a vibrant and lovely girl Alison played by the superb Alexandra Holden(Friends, Friday Night Clubs) you literally can’t help but fall in love with her […]

Movie reviews for Fired up

This is a hilarious teen comedy that was surprisingly good amidst the very unrealistic plot, it centers around a couple of lotharios on the football team, are a little bored at having to go for yet another summer training football camp with their foul mouthed coach, and prankish team mates. When they hear of a […]

Movie reviews for He’s Just not that into you

This is a romantic comedy of interconnecting lives starring Ginnifer Goodwin (Margee from Big love), Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Justin Long (from Die Hard 4.0), Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Connelly and Bradley Cooper. Goodwin plays Gigi Haim, who has just come from a date, where she is misreading every sign, that this could be “the one“, […]

Movie reviews for Sisterhood of the traveling pants

I wanted to watch this movie as I heard it was close to the book, albeit a few changes, as most adapted books inevitably go through for the big screen. I also wanted to watch it as it starred America Ferrara( from Ugly Betty and Ugly she is not!). It is a story of friendship […]

Movie reviews for Amelie

I wanted to watch this movie after seeing a review of it on TV, (I was fascinated by Amelie’s eyes in the poster). I have always liked the nostalgic, deep intelligent themes surrounding french films, and this was no different, we are introduced to the young introvert Amelie, who day dreams from her distance father, […]