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Movie reviews for Amelie

I wanted to watch this movie after seeing a review of it on TV, (I was fascinated by Amelie’s eyes in the poster). I have always liked the nostalgic, deep intelligent themes surrounding french films, and this was no different, we are introduced to the young introvert Amelie, who day dreams from her distance father, and absent mother, he love interest is equalling a dreamy fellow who collects discarded pictures at the photo booth in the local station. I can see why many people liked this movie, it pulls the nostalgic strings in all of us, from the innocent childish daydreams, to the romantic games Amelie (Audrey Tatou) plays with her love interest, trying to overcome her shyness before it all passes her, it is a sweet lovely movie, with an addictive theme song, like many french films I have watched.

the lovely Audrey Tatou, and her deep chocolate eyes

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