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Movie reviews for 300

I was surprised by how much I liked this movie, it tells the story of a 300 spartans war against a million persians, it is based on a Frank Miller’s comic fiction about the true story, of 300 of the Greek King Leoniades fight against a foe of ginormous proportions in a million Persians, although in reality the 300 were supported by a few thousand locals, reality aside, this is a fascinating movie, the callousness of war and murder, are put aside in the spirit of freedom, and the fight from slavery, being seen as a prelude to the era of indepence and democracy we enjoy today. Released when the war following September 11 was at still in it’s most fearsome this movie no doubt fueled the surge in many joining the war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The lead is played effectively by Gerald Butler( Dracula 2000), and the lovely Lena Headley(The Sarah Connor Chronicles) plays his queen Gorgo, David Wenham (Faramir in Lord of the Rings the two towers)plays Dilios, as well as Michael Fassbender(Azazel in Hex) as Stelios, and Rodrigo Santoro(Scarface the world is yours) as the arch nemesis Xerxes.

I was impressed by the direction, and the beautiful pictureque scenery. It seems everybody in there were in tip top physical shape, as I don’t recall a movie where everybody had a six pack. The ability to pump your blood in the mood of the spartans ultimate war with impossible odds against the Persians is what makes this enthralling.

Frank Miller's adaptation of the spratan's king's fight against xerexes

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