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Movie reviews for Hustle and Flow

I wanted to see this movie after watching “Black snake moan” as it was directed by Craig Brewer. The subject matter was uncompromising, and I was left a little surprised how well the director got the audience on the pimp’s side; that our hero as time pressed on, pulled your strings into desperately wanting him to succeed, turning hollywood’s time immoral subjective and hence it’s audience view on morality on it’s head.

Terence Howard plays a Memphis pimp, with three prostitutes, who is desperate to get out of the pimping game, he puts his whole heart and soul into releasing a track “Life is hard for a pimp” who he hopes to market to the local Dr Dre producer, “skinny black” played by Ludacris.

The views of women and their treatment is a little shocking for mainstream Hollywood, and I would understand immediately why the movie didn’t stand a chance in hell of winning an oscar for best actor for Terence Howard, however I understand why it won best song, the expletives that is so common with many rap/hiphop songs takes on a deeper meaning here, you are immediately transported into his world, dealing with drugs, and the various troubles he faces in his life, you wish for the pimp to stop pimping, he says he knows it is wrong, and doesn’t want to do it forever, your heart goes out to him in his desperation to get out of the life he has found himself in, it is painful and uneasy to watch, but it is mesmerising viewing nonetheless.

Djay (Terence Howard) with the amazing Shug (Taraji P. Henson, responsible for the sweet melodious vocals)

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