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Movie reviews for Tenderness

This is a very strange and engrossing movie, starring Russell Crowe(Gladiator), Jon Foster, and a brilliant Sophie Traub(The interpreter).
It tells the story of a recovering psychopath Eric Poole(Jon Foster) having his record exhumed for killing his religious parents, because in his mind, he didn’t really do anything, according to the detective who has made him his own special pet project, Detective Cristofuoro(Crowe),
he is addicted to the “tenderness” of the kill, and remembers nothing of the incidents.

Cristofuoro has made Eric his “pet project” partly because he has nothing else of interest in his life, his wife is terminally ill, and stopping Eric is all he looks forward to.

On his release Cristofuoro meets him telling him, he is a psychopath, and will kill again, and they both know this, and he(Cristofuoro) will be watching him to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Prior to this meeting we are introduced to the young, often effervescent, typical teenager Lori(Sophie Traub), who is having some problems at home opening up with her mother and her new boyfriend, she finds escape with what seems romantic notions about Eric, and soon after his release makes the trip to go and see him, hiding in his car, as he goes on a road trip, telling his aunt Teresa(Laua Dern, Jurassic Park), he is off to view some colleges.

During the road trip we find out that Lori had met Eric before although he is having problems remembering, there are some well acted tense moments, when you wonder what on earth Lori has got herself into, as Detective Cristofuoro paraphrased would say “he will kill again it is only a matter of time“, but the alarming reality for Lori is she knows all about Eric with an angst ridden typical teenager, innocent manner “loves” him, much to his confusion.

We also get an insight on how Eric views people, notable Detective Cristofuoro who he regards “as a small beans cop with a vegetable for a wife“, he tells Lori he only has to ask about his wife to “shut him up“, she replies that isn’t this how people generally are, the look of nonchalance on Eric’s visage speaks volumes.

This is a brilliant suspense thriller, and a solid performance from all, the star of the movie notably without a doubt is Sophie Traub and she is sure to be a rising star.

Lori(Sophie Traub) with Eric Poole(Jon Foster)

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