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Movie reviews for The Pink Panther 2

This is another hilarious sequel with the same main star Steve Martin in regular fine form.

This time round there is a super thief in sight called “The Tornado” who has stolen amongst other things the Imperial sword of Japan, the Pope’s ring and has his sights set on the Pink Panther diamond.

It stars as usual the hilarious Steve Martin as the bumbling detective Inspector Jacques Clouseau, and the lovely Nicole played by Emily Mortimer(Match point, The 51st state she reminds me of a younger Caroline Ahern[The Mrs Merton show]), “drab and disgusting” she is not, with Jean Reno(Léon, Ronin) once again as Gendarme Gilbert Ponton.

It also has an assortment of stars from Aishwarya Rai(Bollywood superstar and wife of Abhishek Bashan, the son of the legendary Amitabh Bachan) as Sonia Solandres(always impressed by her upper class english accent). Andy Garcia as the latin romeo Vicenzo, John Cleese as Chief Inspector Dreyfus, Jeremy Irons as Avallaneda and the hilarious Lily Tomlin as Mrs Berenger.

The plot is as follows: Inorder to catch the Tornado or “Il Tornado” a dream team of super sleuths has been assembled, headed by non other than Inspector Clouseau much to the chagrin of Chief Dreyfus.

The antiques of Clouseau as usual are an embarassment to all around him, but this time round he manages to hurt the feelings of the lovely Nicole(by calling her “Drab and disgusting”) when fighting for her affections with Vicenzo.

It is a great-fun film, and there are some classic moments, especially the scenes with Clouseau and Mrs Berenger, these are going down as classics.

The bumbling detective Inspector Clousea(Steve Martin) with a clue to the whereabouts of The Tornado

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