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Movie reviews for Night at the Museum

This is an enjoyable family oriented movie, about a newly recruited museum guard by outgoing guard Gus played by the legendary Mickey Rooney(The Black Stallion), who finds that at night the models, and mannequins come to life, due to a life-giving tablet. Unfortunately they can only be alive up to sunrise, where they go back to their inanimate state, but that is ample time for them to chaos chaos to the museum, with Neanderthals, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Vikings and Huns and other malevolent characters to avoid.

Unfortunately the life giving tablet has fallen into the hands of Ahkmenrah who wants to use it to get out of the confines of the Museum and be able to live outside of it’s realms past the sunrise.

Ben Stiller (Tropic Thunder) plays Larry Daley the Museum guard with Jake Cherry playing his son Nick, Ricky Gervais(The Office) plays Dr. McPhee the manager of the museum.  Rami Malek plays Ahkmenrah, Steve Coogan as the miniature roman Octavius, Owen Wilson(The Wedding Crashers) as the cowboy Jedediah.

The always dependable Robin Williams plays Theodore Roosevelt, constantly on horse back and has his eye for Sacajawea played by the lovely Mizuo Peck.

Larry has to prevent many of the animated characters from causing havoc to the museum, notably a Capuchin monkey called Dexter, and he also has to tolerate one of the workers at the musuem Rebecca, who doesn’t take him seriously played by the lovely Carla Gugino(Snake eyes), after constantly having to battle wits with Dexter, Larry is amused when Rebecca the next day describes the Capuchin monkey as one of the most generous creatures.

Larry Daley(ben Stiller) battling some Huns

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