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Movie Reviews – The Grand Budapest Hotel

Movie Reviews – The Grand Budapest Hotel

Movie Reviews this week looks at the dark comedy The Grand Budapest Hotel, starring the stalwart Ralph Fiennes (The Constant Gardener), and the little known Tony Revolori as M. Gustave and Zero respectively.
It tells the story of the older Zero now Mr Moustafa, played by the impeccable F. Murray Abraham (Homeland), as he tells his story to Jude Law (Sherlock Holmes), as to how he came the owner of the Grand Budapest Hotel.

It tells his story from his start as a bellboy, who comes into contact with the eccentric owner of the hotel Monsier Gustave M. played charmingly by Ralph Fiennes. He is immediately given an impromptu interview, and there on becomes Monsier Gustave’s trusted confidante.
It seems Monsier Gustave is all about satisfying his financially well off guests, and according to Gustave the requirements must that they must be rich, blond and old.
Matters take a sudden twist when one of Monsieur Gustave’s regularly arrivals to the hotel takes a turn for the worse, and Monsieur Gustave is fingered as the prime suspect, by none other than the woman’s family.
What ensures is a darkly hilarious journey as Zero and Monsieur Gustave try to prove his innocence, inbetween meeting characters from the world of hoteliers played by some famous faces, notably Bill Murray, Harvey Kietel, Jeff Goldblum and Adrien Brody.
The Grand Budapest Hotel is an oddly charming movie that initially gives the impression that it might be a comedy drama, but it is so much more darker, and takes the viewer on a convoluted journey of ignorant bliss. It tells the tale of a world long gone through oddity and mirth. The cinematography in the Grand Budapest Hotel is what makes it stand out, from its comparisons with cold war era espionage mixed with the bright effervescent colors of a Swiss chocolate, it certainly serves up a treat.

Gustave M. (Ralph Fiennes) with Zero (Tony Revolori)

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