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Limitless Review

Limitless Review

Movie Reviews this week looks at the fantasy drama Limitless. It stars Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) as Eddie Morra a seemingly lazy author forever trying to complete his book while meandering through life, he happens to come across Vernon (Johnny Whitworth) the brother of his ex Melissa played by the lovely Anna Friel (Pushing Daisies), who introduces him to a whole new drug, which he later calls NZT, which has not been given a license by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), on trying this drug, everything becomes much clearer to Eddie’s mind, his mind is much more alert, and knows how to process information, and to process it at incredible speeds, and he finishes his book that night much to his publisher’s amazement, his mind is so sharp that he picks up learning another language, and helps a student with their thesis with scraps he came across but with the aid of this drug are crystal clear in his mind.

Vernon lets him know that NZT does not make an individual smarter, they have to be smart already, it just heightens it. Unfortunately as with all drugs the high doesn’t last forever, and Eddie sees that he needs more of the drug from Vernon, however there is a serious problem as when Eddie gets to Vernon’s apartment, he finds him dead, and the place ransacked by someone looking for Vernon’s stash of NZT. Eddie eventually finds Vernon’s stash of NZT, but he finds that he is now being followed by not one but two sinister characters bent on getting their hands on this revolutiinary new drug.
With his ability to analyse situations improved by the drug, Eddie tries his hand at dabbling with the stock market. He makes such a phenomenal profit to the stock of a company that he gets the attention of a major investor Carl Van Loon played by the always impressive Robert De Niro (The God Father), trying to seal the deal with a major corporation. As Eddie tries to impress Carl to gain a contract on behalf of the company he is currently working for, he begins to find out some of the aide effects of NZT, and alarmingly finds out that the end result of the drug is a far cry from the start, and is running out of time before the sinister characters either get hold of him and or his supply of NZT, and keeping up appearances to land Carl as an investor. Eddie also has to deal with another ex Lindy played by the lovely Abbie Cornish (Stop-Loss) who remarkably looks like Charlize Theron; falling in love with the new improved Eddie.
Limitless is a great movie with plenty of twists and turns many will enjoy.
Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) on the right with Carl Van Loon (Robert De Niro)

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