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Movie Reviews – Salt

Movie Reviews – Salt

Movie reviews this week looks at the action thriller Salt, starring Angelina Jolie (Lara Croft) back to her best physically demanding role since Lara Croft (and I must say how impressed by her action scenes seeing she is the proud mother of twins).
The movie begins with Evelyne salt (Angelina Jolie) as a CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) agent, who happens to be asked to interviews a self confessed Russian renegade, Orlov (Daniel Olbrychski) who happens to walk into the building, saying that he has some news that they should hear, seeing that Evelyne speaks Russian, the CIA head Peabody played by the always impressive Chiwetel Ejiafor (Red belt), askes her to interrogate him. As we watch the interrogation, which the CIA monitors with Orlov’s heart beat and brain scan to see if he is telling the truth, he seems to oass all the tests with flying colours. At the end of the interrogation Orlov says something that lands Evelyne, as well as Evelyne’s work colleague who is always on the look out for her best interests Ted Winters played by Liev Schreiber (Xmen Beginnings: Wolverine) on edge. Peabody would like to interrogate her about what Orlov says, but Salt knows something is up, and she has to leave the building, fearing her husband Mike Krause played by August Diehl (brilliant as the Nazi officer in Inglourious Basterds) is in danger.
This begins a cat and mouse chase between the CIA headed by Peabody, and accompanied by Winters to find Salt, and get to the bottom of the allegations Orlov makes, and to prevent Salt from doing what Orlov alledges she is about to do.
Salt is an excellent action movie, and as is standard with Hollywood movies these days, the violence is not for the faint hearted, but the suspense is what makes Salt a great action thriller.

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Evelyne Salt(Angelina Jolie) on the run

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