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Movie Reviews – Bass Ackwards

Movie reviews this week looks at the charming road trip movie Bass Ackwards.
It stars Linas Philips as Linas ( you realise a movie might be a tad biographical if the lead actor has his real first name), it also stars John and Gema Philips, Linas’s real life parents as themselves.

We meet Linas as he videos a wedding, speaking and video the people at the wedding, alternated with flash backs of when Linas was a kid, and his affectionate and adorable family.

Linas is currently staying at a friend’s place, but inevitably his friend and girlfriend would like some privacy, so Linas moves out, and starts working at a Alpaca Llama farm, run by a wonderful Alpaca farmer played by Bill Green, who has a classic 1976 converted Volkswagen mini, Linas falls in love with the moment he sees it; that is a source of constant amusement throughout the movie, especially when Linas tries to get people to pass by him as it is way too slow.

He decides to go on a road trip, to New York and visit his parents, using the classic mini, and asks his on-off girl friend Georgia played by the gorgeous Davie-Blue if she would like to come along. It turns out Georgia is not quite sure if she wants to continue a relationship with Linas. There is an amusing scene, where Linas phones up Georgia and asks her to come over, whilst she is at home with her current boyfriend, she makes an excuse and meets up with Linas, unbeknownst to her, her current boyfriend follows her, he sees her coming out of Linas’s flat, and when she leaves, attacks Linas without a word being said.

Linas seems to be a very friendly individual, and even offers space on his car for someone to sleep in, Jim played by Jim Fletcher, who just happens to knock on his window whilst he is asleep and asks if he can come in (it would be pretty rare for anyone to do this), and throughout the movie Linas exemplifies himself as someone willing to help anyone regardless of his own circumstance, as an example, a young boy steals a toy in a shop and runs off, but the shop keeper spots him, and he is about to call the police in front of his alarmed mother, when Linas steps in and says he was just about to pay for it, he duly pays for it, and saves the boy and his mother a lot of trouble.

Linas and Jim continue their road trip together, with Jim going to New York in order to spend time with his daughter, as it is his turn for his daughter to stay with him, as is the agreement with him and his ex-wife. At first you wonder if Linas has made a terrible mistake, giving a lift to someone who seems anxious at best, and says he has hardly had any sleep in the last few days; if this is heading towards a disaster Linas is going to regret.

Bass Ackwards is a charming movie, and once the end credits are shown you realise it was a family endeavour.

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Linas with the classic Volkswagen Mini the inspiration for the name of the movie and you can see why

Posted By Mr D Stevens to Movie reviews on 7/04/2010 10:27:00 AM

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