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Movie Reviews Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

Movie Reviews this week looks at the science fiction comedy Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel.

It stars the hilarious Chris O’Doyd (The IT Crowd, something about him reminds me of the sidekick priest in father Ted), as Ray, a science geek, fresh from losing his job, who along with two of his best friends Toby and Pete played by Marc Wooton and Dean Lennox Kelly (Shameless) respectively, are discussing time travel, in their local pub one day as only nerds can.

As Ray goes off to the bar to order three pints, he comes back to his friends and tells them an unbelievable tale of having met a girl at the bar who tells him she is from the future, his friends laugh it off, assuming he is either pulling their leg, or she maybe a local stripper with an American accent. The girl Cassie played by the lovely Anna Faris (Scary Movie) is really from the future, and is here to fix a “Time Leak”, apparently in the future agents can go back in time with their bodies hardwired with it’s own time machine, and of course the usual rules of not interfering with the future still applies, so strict about going back and interfering in a historical event, that could wipe out several blood lines, such as going back to prevent World War II.

Of course Ray’s friends don’t believe a single word he says, until one of them, Pete, goes to the toilet, but on returning to the bar sees that everyone in the bar is dead, he runs back to the toilet, comes back out again and apparently he is back at the bar with his friends and everyone is still alive, he tells them the unbelievable story, and although they laugh it off, he suggests that for it to happen to them, i.e. for them to travel in time, they would have to go through the same motions he did, to witness the future, and follows a hilarious scene where they follow his exact movements, even down to the way he shakes his hands after using the toilet. They go back to the bar, apparently not noticing anything odd, until they are almost at their spot in the bar when to their amazement, they see themselves, sitting at the bar only moments earlier, discussing what they were talking about earlier.

From this apparent “Time leak” they try to get back to their own time, meeting Cassie along the way who is trying to fix the time leak, apparently not succeeding each time, on one of their trips to the future, they find that they have been immortalized by humanity, with a huge gravity painting of them at the bar, discussing a very important piece of paper Toby has penned in his many attempts to write a good science fiction script, Hollywood would accept.

It is an enjoyable movie, combining comedy from both sides of the Atlantic many will sure to enjoy.

Pete (Dean Lennox Kelly), Ray (Chris O'Doyd) and Toby (Marc Wooton) try to recreate Pete's leap in time

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