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Movie reviews for Jane Ayre

I Wanted to see this movie particularly because of Charlotte Gainsbourg(The Science of Sleep), she has one of the softest, yet commanding angelic voices on the screen.

This is an adaptation of one of the Bronte’s sisters’ famous Jane Eyre Novel, Gainsbourg plays the title lead, an orphan mistreated by her aunt and eventually becomes a governess to the child of a very moody and unrecognisable by his upper class english accent William Hurt(The Accidental tourist).

She takes the role of governess in her stride, strict but firm as governesses in those era were. Her soft doe vulnerable eyes, surrounded by an english reserved masked by an expressionless face; makes her perfect for this role.

It is a love story as told from the 19th century, the scenery and acting reflects the book and this is widely acclaimed to be one of the best adaptations of the book. There are superb performances from the stellar cast, and one would be hard pressed to believe Charlotte Gainsbourg is conscious about her english, seeing she lives and spends most of her life in France, and is to all effect French.

It also stars the lovely Anna Paquin(Rogue in X-men) as a young Jane Ayre.

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