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Movie reviews for Crossing Over

This is a brilliant drama following the lives of several different characters, with stellar acting all through.

Harrison Ford plays a good natured ICE (Immigration Customs and Enforcement) officer Max Brogan, who along with his partner
the brilliant Cliff “The Chameleon” Curtis, plays his partner (he has played a number of varied roles, a fluent speaking arab in Three Kings, a Colombian terrorist in Collateral Damage, as well as Pablo Escobar in Blow, a Polynesian in Rapa Nui(Easter Island).
In this He plays an Iranian Hamid Baraheri whose brother and sister are citizens, but his father is about to take his citizenship oath shortly, however their sister, an american born has her own ideas of how she would like to live her life, as opposed to the strict lifestyle her father would like for her.

Ray Liotta plays Cole Frankel who works for the Immigration Bureau and decides if an application has merit, he bumps into the lovely Claire Shepard(Alice Eve) a struggling actress, unable to find work as she has no permit, he makes a deal to help her, but it comes at a price, Claire’s on off boyfriend Gavin Kossef (Jim Sturgess, 21) is trying to get a permit based on religious grounds, that he is a practicing Jewish teacher, even though he really is an atheist.

The warm hearted Denise Frankel(Ashley Judd) plays Cole Frankel’s wife, who is an immigration lawyer, she cannot help but get closely involved with a particular case, she happens to run into the superb Summer Blishi (Towel head), who plays a 15 year old Bangladesh girl, who happens to write an essay sympathising with the 9/11 terrorists that has terrible implications for all involved.
Justin Chong(Twilight) plays Yong Kim, about to be naturalised, but really not caring what it means, and his friends are about to drive him into a whole lot of trouble.

Amongst the regular raids on illegal workers, Max Brogan (Harrison Ford) encounters a Mexican lady Mireya Sanchez (Alice Braga) who pleads with him to make sure her little boy is ok, as he is staying with a neighbour, he at first tries to reject her pleas but it is not in his nature
to do so, he seeks the little boy out, and takes him all the way back to Tiguana to his grand parents, on reaching there, he is told by the parents, that Mireya has gone back to the States to bring back her boy.

The acting is superb, and the scenarios believable, several scenes will have you moving and seeing the plight of many we never hear about.

Max Brogan(Harrison Ford) with Mireya Sanchez(Alice Braga) in the all star cast Crossing Over

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