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Movie reviews for 5 minutes of Heaven

This is a powerful movie, with terrific acting by one of the most underrated Irish actors in James Nesbitt, and the always stalwart Liam Neeson.

It is a poignant tale taking into account the troubles in Northern Ireland from the 70’s and fast forwarded today, and told from the point of the two protagonists Joe Griffen and Alistair Little.

James Nesbitt plays Joe Griffen who has had to live with the aftermath for over 30 years witnessing his brother being gunned down by a 17 year old Alistair Little, the older
part played by Liam Neeson.

The two parties have been brought together for a Truth and Reconciliation commission that is to be filmed, but Joe Griffen far from wanting a truth and reconciliation, would rather exact his own brand of revenge complete with a hidden shank on his way to meeting Alistair Little for the first time, which he deems his “five minutes of heaven” for the hell he has had to endure all this time.

The lovely Anamaria Marinca plays a dogsbody for the film crew, who offers a conscience for James Nesbitt’s character.

All in all the acting was absolutely first class, and you will be hooked from the get go, fascinating to find out how it all unfolds.

Alistair Little(Liam Neeson) and Joe Griffen(James Nesbitt) in the superb Five minutes of heaven

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